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Top Pledge Earners Club

We are incredibly grateful for the commitment and leadership of our Top Pledge Earners. Their support is instrumental to Crohn’s and Colitis Canada’s role as Canada’s leading non-governmental funder of research in the world.

What is a Top Pledge Earner?

Top Pledge Earners share a strong desire to improve the lives of children and adults living with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. By fundraising $1000 or more, you can become a member of this exclusive club.

Become a Top Pledge Earner and get these great perks:

  • Gift Card valued at $85 or more
  • Invitation to join us on event day at the START line and kick off your local Walk
  • Plus other local initiatives throughout the year and at the Walk

Most importantly, you will know you are one of the GUTSIEST contributors in helping us find cures and improving the lives of children and adults affected by these life-long diseases.

Commit to achieving Top Pledge Earner status. Register today and set your 2016 fundraising goal to $1000 or more and help Make it Stop. For Life.

Featured below are the 2015 GUTSIEST - Top Pledge Earners across Canada! Our Top 25!

David Hill $50,000.00
Stacey and Jonathan Gitlin $34,580.00
Domenic Primucci $24,145.00
Anna Iacono $22,142.00
Sheldon Miller $21,506.00
Shirley Mohamed $21,286.00
Lesley Sherman $20,000.00
Sarah and Adam Scully $19,305.29
Mark Ram $17,500.00
Samantha Jacobson $15,784.00
Thomas Tutsch $15,350.00
Harvey Doerr $14,400.00
Aki Chencinski $12,579.00
Melissa Lantsman $11,799.00
Daniel Sinclair $10,849.01
Raquel and Sloane Feldberg $10,529.00
Mikhel Adirim Kashin $10,511.00
Azizeh Juma $10,350.00
Nancy Apshkrum $10,260.00
Rayner Frey $10,067.33
Amy Sherman $10,000.00
Ian Martin $9,800.00
Jeremy Rutman $9,494.00
Jamie Shulman $8,531.00
Andrew Madden $8,400.00