Featured Teams


Team Name: Team Lisa

Walking Since: 2015

Why does Team Lisa take part in Gutsy Walk?

Lisa was diagnosed with a severe case of Crohn's at the age of 13 and endured a nearly 20 year struggle. She suffered with harsh symptoms, stomach pain, life setbacks, time in and out of hospitals and simply being too young and having to deal with an incurable and very uncomfortable disease. Although she faced this hardship, she took it with an amazing attitude and others would hardly know what she was going through. Lisa was hilarious, warm and cheerful, and truly someone people enjoyed having in their company.

At age 29, several years later and several surgeries later, her condition worsened to the point where her remaining small bowel actually had died and emergency surgery was needed to remove it to keep her alive. From there the struggle was to try get healthy enough for a risky, but needed, small bowel transplant. However, after 3 years her body just never got strong enough and passed away in 2017 at the age of 32.

We as a family stay involved to bring awareness to this horrible disease for Lisa's sake by bringing attention and helping to raise resources in to stop Crohn's disease.

- Team Lisa


Team Name: Triple Boris

Walking Since: 2007

Why does Team Triple Boris take part in Gutsy Walk?

The Triple Boris team has been walking for many years. We first participated back in 2007, when the event was still called "Heels n’ Wheels". A few weeks after my partner was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, we were looking for a way to get involved, and our doctor referred us to Crohn’s and Colitis Canada. Back then, our team was called "Simon's Team". Every year since, we make it our duty to participate. I was already aware of the cause since my father, my sister, and several of my uncles, were all affected by IBD. Throughout the years, we realized that everyone knows at least one person with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. To this date in 2021, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis remain incurable diseases that affect the quality of life to both adults and children.

Over the years, friends, colleagues, and family members, have accompanied and supported us. Since their birth, our children have joined us in our walking journey with Crohn’s and Colitis Canada. In 2016, I started my business, Triple Boris, a video game development studio. "Simon's team" became "Triple Boris", and with ease, I was able to mobilize employees for the cause. The more our business grows, the more money our team raises! Gutsy Walk is also the perfect opportunity to do a little "team building".

Once again this year, we are participating in Gutsy Walk so that Crohn's and Colitis Canada can fund the most promising research projects towards IBD, and continue to deliver vital programs for patients.


Team Name: McMaster Crohn’s and Colitis Club

Walking Since: 2019

Why does McMaster Crohn’s and Colitis Club Team take part in Gutsy Walk?

The McMaster Crohn’s and Colitis Club is extremely honoured to be chosen as the featured school team for Gutsy Walk! The McMaster Crohn’s and Colitis Club was founded in 2018, and 2019 marked our first Gutsy Walk. In 2020 with a small team of just 5 people, we were able to raise over $1,000!

This club aims to raise awareness for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), offer support to students living with IBD, and fundraise for research initiatives. One of our main efforts is to advocate for various washroom access programs both in schools and public areas. Many members of our club live with IBD, or support someone who does. University can be difficult, and living with a chronic disease among unfamiliar roommates or classmates does not make it any easier! It is important to our club that students with IBD feel supported and empowered in the community! Our affiliation with the Hamilton Chapter of Crohn’s and Colitis Canada has allowed to pursue these goals.

We walk to find a cure, end the stigma, and improve the quality of life of people living with IBD. We are looking forward to another great year with Gutsy Walk 2021!