Top Pledge Earners Club

We are incredibly grateful for the commitment and leadership of our Top Pledge Earners as their support is instrumental to our success as Canada’s leading non-governmental funder of research.

Top Pledge Earners commit to raising $1,000 or more for the 2020 Gutsy Walk as they share our strong desire to improve the lives of children and adults living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. As a member of this exclusive club, you’ll receive these great perks:

  • A gift card valued at $85 or more*
  • An invitation to join us on event day at the start line to kick-off your local Gutsy Walk
  • An exclusive Top Pledge Earners Club gift

*Please note: Crohn’s and Colitis Canada reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value.

We encourage you to commit today to achieving Top Pledge Earner status.


Day 1      Pledge yourself 1 x $50    $50
Day 2      Ask your family members to pledge you 4 x $50    $200
Day 3      Ask five friends to contribute 5 x $35    $175
Day 4      Ask five co-workers to contribute 5 x $25    $125
Day 5      Ask five neighbors to contribute 5 x $20    $100
Day 6     Ask two more family members to pledge you 2 x $25    $50
Day 7     Ask social/sports/church/book club you belong to 4 x $25    $100
Day 8     Ask a business you frequent (doctor, dentist, health club) for       $50    $50
Day 9     Ask your employer to make a donation     $150    $150
Day 10     Thank your donors by sending out thank you e-mails, letters, or cards!    



Featured below are our 2019 GUTSIEST - Top Pledge Earners across Canada! Our Top 25!

David Hill                                              $61,100.00
Sheldon Miller     $27,246.00
Mina Mawani     $24,115.26
Stacey Gitlin     $23,871.00
Shirley Mohamed     $20,823.00
Adam Scully     $17,925.00
Michael Thompson     $17,650.00
Jeremy Rutman     $16,888.00
Anna Iacono     $16,517.00
Raquel Feldberg     $15,259.00
Thomas Tutsch     $15,150.00
Aki Chencinski     $12,969.00
Theodore Dedes     $12,950.00
Logan Huttunen     $12,379.75
Daniel Sinclair     $11,747.00
Nancy Apshkrum     $11,481.00
Jessica Hartwig     $11,357.50
Catherine Sohl     $11,000.00
Jessica Jacobson     $10,892.00
Alyssa Delmedico     $10,490.00
Amy Sherman     $10,000.00
Cheryl Sherman     $10,000.00
Lesley Sherman     $10,000.00
Mark Ram      $9,832.00
Jamie Shulman      $9,326.00