Thank you!

We saw it through, and we want thank every single one of you for helping us along during the 2022 Gutsy Walk!

With over $2.5 million raised we have every reason to celebrate the efforts that got us there.

The funds raised at this year’s Gutsy Walk will go towards Canada’s best researchers studying inflammatory bowel disease and to important patient support programs.

Your support, effort, and your continued devotion to the cause help us get that much closer to fulfilling our promise of one day curing both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and to improve the lives of all those affected.

Once again, thank you to all of our 2022 Gutsy Walk participants, volunteers, donors, and sponsors. Your support truly makes a difference for our community.


Save the date:

Sunday, June 4 is the day for Gutsy Walk 2023!

Together as one we walk to stop Crohn’s and colitis.

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National Honorary Co-Chairs


Brimming with positivity and passion, Claire is committed to making a difference for others after experiencing firsthand the pain that comes with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Once diagnosed with IBD undetermined in January 2020, Claire quickly got connected to Crohn’s and Colitis Canada by participating in her first Gutsy Walk. Now in her third year of taking part, she is excited to use her positivity to raise awareness of the impact that Gutsy Walk can make for all those living with Crohn’s or colitis.


With hope and humour, Mya is dedicated to living her life with Crohn’s disease as well as possible, with dreams of one day becoming a doctor. After her diagnosis in 2017, just a few months after experiencing her first symptoms, Mya has experienced many trials and tribulations as she searches for a treatment that can bring her to remission. Despite being in an active flare-up, Mya takes time to participate in her passion, dance, while she serves as one of this year’s esteemed National Honorary Co-Chairs for Gutsy Walk!
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I received my diagnosis of ulcerative colitis in January of 2020. It was a relief to know the issue; however, I struggled with understanding the disease and educating my loved ones about IBD. This encouraged me to participate in the Gutsy Walk to help spread awareness and connect anyone struggling with IBD to the extensive, loving and supportive Crohn’s and colitis community online! This will be my second of many years of participation. 


Six years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. It was difficult to come to terms with my condition, but participating in just one Gutsy Walk has shown me that I am not alone and there is hope in finding a cure. Through organized fundraisers like Gutsy Walk, we can actively help support thousands of Canadians and their families affected by IBD. Whether by collecting donations or raising awareness, even the smallest of efforts can make a big impact in achieving our goals.


I like to participate in Gutsy Walk every year to raise awareness and bring more attention to Crohn’s and colitis. To show that we are not alone, and we never walk alone. I love raising funds through Gutsy Walk as we come closer to finding cures, and I also enjoy getting to meet brave and wonderful fellow warriors along the way. Gutsy Walk inspires me and others with our journey with Crohn’s and colitis.


Being a child of parents living with IBD, it wasn't until our oldest son was diagnosed with Crohn's that I got involved with Crohn's and Colitis Canada and the Gutsy Walk. As a mum and a nurse in a GI clinic, it is so inspiring to see these amazing people come together and share their stories of triumph and trials. This year will mark our 8th Gutsy Walk as a family, where I walk not only for my parents, my patients, but now for BOTH of my sons who are living with IBD. 

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